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          I was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and grew up in a very close and loving family. We always had dogs and cats when I was growing up, and I always felt I had a strong connection with them all. I developed passion and love of animals (especially dogs and cats) and I was forever finding and adopting stray animals, and wanting to keep them for my own. I can remember wanting to have a horse when I was really young, and assuring my mother that our backyard was big enough for it to live in. I was also sure that I could take care of an otter or big cats like a lion or tiger, and they would make a great pet because I loved them so much 

        Most of the time I have felt that I really didn't fit in anywhere and that I was different for most people. animals have always been a saving grace for me, and I always felt much safe and loved if I had a cat or dog with me.  I have always been very much a "homebody" and much happier in my own familiar surroundings unless of course some kind of animal was around and needed help, then they, again became my saving grace and helped me settle into where ever I was or whatever situation I was in. 

I have always had a great love of all animals and have always wanted to work with them and help them in some way. I have volunteered with rescues groups for cats and dogs, and fostered both over the years. (Never for long periods of time because I'm notorious for "keeping" my babies for one reason or another.)

         This has since led me to animal communication, training dogs and animal behaviour courses. I found my niche when I met  Danielle Mackinnon and began an amazing journey of Soul Level Animal Communication and I can now offer help and work with both animals and their owners (people) 

I look forward to meeting and working with You.

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