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Elyse Sunshine

"I had my reading with Jane and loved it! Jane read my foster dog Boni. I cried the entire time, it was so powerful. Boni had had a very tough start in life and has some neurological issues and hearing that Boni felt happy and safe with me, made me feel amazing. Jane was able to read that Boni and I have developed a very special bond and I was happy to hear that this bond will last whatever life has in store for her.I can't wait to learn about my other two dogs!"

Roz York Brodsky

"Thank you Jane for your insights into my dogs Annie and Julie! You truly captured their distinct personalities and mannerisms.I hope to further explore my dogs with you in the future. What a wonderful gift you have!"

Maggi Burtt, CPDT-KA, Tailspin Petworx

"I first heard of Jane through a friend of mine. I am interested in both the science and the esoteric communication in animals and thought it would be great to both support Jane in her studies and business venture, and get some "info" on my pets. 

Jane was lovely, calm and soothing and quite accurate in her assessment of personalities and temperament of my Shebang, Ruckus and May. The experience was very interesting and I recommend contacting Jane if you want to know more about your animals."

Andrea Dutton

"Jane, thank you so much for your wonderful assessment of my dog (and myself!). You had Jazz at ease

and your findings were right on. I understand a bit more about my treasured friend after listening to your patient and heartfelt opinions."

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