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  • What is Animal Communication?
    Animal Communication is an intuitive way of connecting with your animal (pet) on a deeper, more intimate, and spiritual level. It's a way of finding out why and how your pet came into your life.......Did you really pick that dog, or did he/she pick you? Are they here to teach you some lesson or to help you with a situation? Is there a deeper level and connection to your relationship with your animal. This is what Animal Communication can help you learn.
  • What are the different levels of connecting to my pet?
    When I do a reading for a client I first connect to them intuitively to learn about them and their personality. Then I connect to the animal and learn about their personality. I will ask the pet if I can "body map" with them to learn how they feel in their bodies and if they have any concerns. This then takes us into a deeper connection called the Soul Level Connection, which is where we learn what llife lessons they are working on with you and how they helping you with them
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